Tiny Tot Party Rental Packages

While I love to throw parties - I REALLY love to throw KID parties. I think it is really fun to plan something for a large group of tiny tots knowing how much fun they will have sifting through the items you have created specifically for them. One of the most unique features at my kid parties is my Tiny Tot Table. I use tot sized tables and chairs for the kids to sit together with their friends. Kids love anything that is "just their size!" This is where I house most of their goodies as well, like favors, special cups, snacks, etc. I think this may be one of my "claims to fame" because after I started setting these up at my parties I saw a bunch of my guests then follow suit at their parties. How can you not love tot sized furniture after all? 

I try to keep the party completely centered around the children. For this reason alone I don't serve alcohol at my kid parties, gasp! Quite frankly, I just want the kids to have fun and I never want to worry about a kid grabbing the wrong drink. Food is always kid centered as well, did you order chick-fil-a nuggets with a side of dipping sauce? It is never any fun to take your children to a fancy party where they won't eat any of the food. Kids win when it comes to having all the fun at our events.

With that said, I am proud to introduce my Tiny Tot Rental Package! 

Down Emery Lane will now be offering Tiny Tot Table Rental Packages to bring that something special to your next event. Each table set up will be custom designed for your party theme. Don't have a theme? Pick one of ours or let us create a new one together. We are here to help make your memories. 

Here are some of our prior Tiny Tot Tables: 

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