Gatsby Engagement

Well…. I may as well be honest. I am a procrastinator by nature. I can't help it. It drives most of the people around me insane but I love that "week of the party" rush that I get when I am working into the wee hours of the night with all of the items that I insist on getting done. This event was a bit different for me. My Aunt was throwing my cousin a Gatsby themed engagement party on New Years Eve. Fun, right? The only part I had in planning the party up until the day before the event was designing and making the invitations. These are gorgeous in person! They sparkle so much and are really quite lovely. I mailed them in black envelopes with matching gold foil stickers. My cousin received quite a few calls from people once they received theirs. Here it is in all of its sparkly goodness: 

Gatsby Engagement Invitation

Back to the party… the day before the party I had promised to help my family with set up. The event was scheduled in a backyard where a tent had been rented due to weather. As it turns out the weather was horrible! The tent had to be taken down last minute because it was about to blow away, Wizard of Oz style. We had to move on to plan D. My Aunt called me at 8:00 the night before asking if we could move the party to my house. Of course I said yes, I would do anything for my family. I emptied my house of everything I possibly could to make room for the party set up. 

It was only supposed to be 30+ degrees the night of the party and my house was too small to host all of the guests. We ended up tenting my back patio and covering the entire "room" with fabric. It really gave the area a 1920's prohibition, drinking in the back room, vibe. We had all of the food outside as well as the drinks. Here are some photos of the outside space: 

Gatsby Engagement Food Table
Gatsby Engagement Drink Table

Considering the timing of the whole event I think everything pulled together really well. With less than 24 hours notice we turned plan b into a really swanky little 1920s party! 

My cousin made the centerpieces by spray painting champagne bottles with gold spray paint. We then sprayed them with spray adhesive and covered them in glitter. Warning: this is a very messy project so make sure you do it outside. Hopefully you won't be doing it in the wind like us! My mom made the flower ball centerpieces that stuck on top of the bottles. Here are some of my favorite photos: 

Dessert Bar

Everybody had a really fabulous time! The decorations were so gold and glittery that it really made the night a bit more fabulous and fun! All of the guests came dressed up and we stuck it out until the clock struck midnight. 


From my family to yours -

here is to a healthy, prosperous and