Farmers Market Party at Underwood Family Farms

Old MacDonald had a farm... This little boy loves all things animals and especially farm animals. Underwood Family Farms is one of our favorite local hangouts and we visit often as season pass holders. This was our first party experience at the farm and we cannot recommend the farm enough to friends, family and clients. The setup time is only about 15-20 minutes long but we were quickly greeted by a staff member to help load in our supplies, which was awesome! The birthday boy, Archer loves goats, pigs and cows so we kept the animal theme generic. We also had the first party slot at 10:00am so we provided a farmers market buffet brunch with fruit, veggies, yogurts and light pastries. This was the best option and was well loved by the guests. After guests arrived and had a bite to eat, the farmer took us on a horse drawn wagon tour of the ‘pick your own’ farm. After the tour, guests made their way to the farm for a self guided play time where there was a petting zoo, pony rides, train ride, and all the animals to feed with custom party animal food bags. The party ended at noon, and the guests were free to stay and explore or head on out. We made up custom boxed lunches for kids to take after the party was over. This gave parents the opportunity to maximize the activity times and feed the kids in the car or picnic lunch on the farm when everything was done. This party was so fun, so easy and highly suggest booking a farm party! If not make sure to visit the farm any other day or during their Spring or Fall Festivals for extra fun! 


Kassandra + Dane // Moorpark Country Club

Kassandra and Dane are possibly one of sweetest most genuine couples we have had. I truly connected with both of them and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to share in their big day.

Kassandra is a mommy to cutest little boy named Troy and I could tell right away that she’s a great mom and loves him dearly. Then Dane, so sweet and I can tell by the way he looks at Kassandra how much he truly loves her and how in love he really is. Dane is also an honorable man and just recently was discharged from the military and we cannot thank him enough for serving our country. 

As a day of coordinator people aren’t really sure how or why they need us for just 1 day. But with Down Emery Lane, you get us for so much more than that! 

2 weeks before you’re wedding, we’re contacting your vendors, reading your contracts and ensuring you’re getting what you paid for from each vendor. We tirelessly work out all the kinks in your timeline to ensure we run on time, without being rushed and minimize the opportunity for mishaps on your big day. We communicate everything to everyone involved, send our floor plans, contact lists, timelines and anything specifically for your wedding. We average about 40-60 hours of work in the 2 weeks leading up to your wedding! We want to make sure your day is perfect! 

Kassandra and Dane were super planners and had all the details planned - which was awesome. However, we had several phone calls, texts and emails shared between the time we were hired all the way up to the wedding. Our advice is always free and we’re here to help you along the way if needed. (We also are great at listening when you need someone to vent to or are feeling stressed during the planning process) We were also able to recommend some vendors along the way that were within their budget! Having Down Emery Lane at the speed of your phone is always a good thing.

During your wedding we help calm your nerves, move things along, get your guests where they need to be, help you re-purpose ceremony decorations and flowers(so you can save money!). Plus my biggest thing, I make sure you eat!!!! It’s so important that you eat on your wedding and I always make sure my bride and especially GROOM eats their meal and has a drink available! There’s nothing I really wouldn’t do for my couples, I’ve sewn up dresses, provide Tylenol, my last bottle of water on a 116 degree day, babysat, entertained the kids, you name it! 

You’re not just another client to Down Emery Lane, you’re family and we treat you like our own! (To be honest, we treat you better!)

Down Emery Lane also wants to congratulate Kassandra, Dane and Big Brother Troy on their new little baby boy! We are so excited for your family to be growing!