Kara's Party Ideas Feature - Wild One

We are excited to announce another home page feature on Kara's Party Ideas! You can see the home page feature here: Kara's Party Ideas. After today you can find the party on the website here. This party was for my nephew's First Birthday and the ideas and concepts were all my sister's requests. My sister can always come to me with a "vision" and then we work together to make it happen. My nephew's name is Archer so this party seemed completely fitting for our little Wild One. My sister found the venue, picked the colors and then we worked together to make everything in her vision come to life.

The highlights from the party for me were:

The Cake! Thank you to Singer Sister Sweets for another amazing cake!

The Teepees! The teepees, both large and small, were such a fun addition to the party. The large  teepees were fun for the kids to run in and out of. The tabletop teepees were completely customized for the Wild One theme and brought a "never been seen before" touch to the decorations. The teepees are for sale in our Etsy shop and can be customized for themes and colors.

The Indian Trail! For me... a great party is one that keeps you involved and entertained. I love to host a party that keeps your guests entertained the whole time they are there. Nobody wants to stare at each other for an hour wondering when you will finally get to eat that cake! We decided to take the kids on an Indian Trail scavenger hunt where they were transformed from kids to little Natives. The Indian Trial included the following: 

  1. Feather Headbands: The kids each received a custom made headband with feather.
  2. Dream Catchers: The clues led them to the large hanging dreamcatchers in the trees. Each little one received a dreamcatcher necklace to wear.
  3. War Paint: Next, the clues led them to the war paint station. They received face paint and custom made temporary tattoos. This was our first time making the tattoos and they were a HUGE hit! You can find the custom tattoos in the Etsy shop.
  4. Bows: The little ones ventured on to find handmade bows. I have to give my mother all of the credit on this one! My mother found every branch she could, including cutting down part of my neighbors tree, to make custom bows made with sticks and twines. Fully functional as well!
  5. Arrows: My mother strikes again - bamboo arrows with soft foam tips and fun colorful feathers. The venue had a large wall that the kids were able to use for target practice. I definitely think this was the BEST part of the hunt for both the boys and girls. We were all so impressed with how well they all did!
  6. Animals: Our little wild ones carried on their journey to find play animals to use as target practice. *No animals were harmed on this animal trail *
  7. Indian Name: Finally, the end of the trail had tags with leather string attached ready and waiting for the Wild Ones to be given their Indian Name. Little Bird and Wild One were officially transformed on the Native Trail.

This party was so much fun! The venue was more than gracious in hosting us. The employees at the Chumash Indian Museum even commented on how well made and authentic our dream catchers were. Note: prior to the party we did meet with the elders to insure everything that we did was polite and respectful.

Thank you to Nicole Priest Photography for the amazing photos and Rebecca Singer for the cake! All of the party photos can be seen in the gallery here.

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