Justin + Jillian // Villa & Vine

Where do I even begin on this couple? Normally the connection always starts with the bride and leads to the groom. This groom right here was my “wingman” and I was his “wingwoman” for many years. 

We met Justin back when JSquared Music was around and we booked him as “Love Story Hero” to play at our weekly music night. We became such good friends with Justin and he’s how I met my husband! 

Justin was destined to be a husband from the day I met him. He longed for a wife who would love him unconditionally, support him and be able to hold her own in a family of SIX SISTERS! 

We like to say Justin “won” Jillian on our family vacation to Laughlin, Nevada. (Haha) Jillian instantly fit in with us and our family and clearly has fit in perfectly with the Culvers! 

Jillian’s laugh is contagious, her soul is sweet, she’s compassionate and patient beyond measure. She is the woman and wife I’ve always pictured for Justin.

Justin proposed with the help of Adam Sandler, like who does that?! They were engaged for a looooooong time, it felt like forever to us! Finally one day they actually decided to start working on their wedding and I was elated! 

Planning their wedding started off on the harder side. Trying to find the perfect location in Santa Barbara, on a budget and with no real vision or theme in mind. Often times we listen to brides and they say words they think they want but it’s not actually what they want. We heard a lot of “rustic” coming from Jillian but in pictures and conversations it wasn’t actually what she wanted. I decided to put together a vision/mood board for her with a soft neutral palette, pops of metallic gold, lush greens and soft blooms. It was perfect, she cried when she saw it! This also helped her give direction and encouragement to her family members on her ideas and colors for them to wear to the wedding.

We loved all the personal details of their wedding. The groom’s diamond came from his dad’s wedding band, which actually belonged to his late grandfather. Jillian’s ring also had family history! Justin’s dad was their officiant. I was so nervous his dad would get emotional during the ceremony but he did such an amazing job, it was so perfect for them. When talking to the bride and groom they struggled with some of the music choices and what to walk down the aisle to, so naturally I suggested to have one of his amazingly talented sisters, Sarah to sing as Jillian walked down the aisle! To top off the family affair, Justin’s mom and dad both made the cake and looked, tasted and smelled divine.

There are so many things I just loved about this wedding. It was such a privilege that they let me help them through this journey and be there to celebrate their love and the first day of their forever!

I love you both so much and I would do anything for you guys (including working on a record breaking heat day!)