Fun to BEE One

For my daughter's first birthday party I decided to come up with a theme that would be fun, cheery and bright. Her birthday falls in October so I also wanted to consider a color scheme that would work with the seasons and florals. We decided on the "Fun to BEE One" theme at least 6 months in advance which allowed for us to collect bee items as we saw them. My mom, sister and I had been slowly picking up things and by the time we were finished by table looked like this: 

Deciding on a theme that is aligns with the time of year helps to insure that the supplies you are looking for are available.

Here are a few of my favorite details: 

1. The KID TABLE! It was filled to the brim will all sorts of fun treats for the kids. The table had a little snack cup with grapes, a drink cup, antennas to wear, lollipops, craft projects, crayons and coloring paper.

2. The Candy Bar: I love the black, white and yellow bee cake which was the centerpiece of the kid's table. The candy bar feature an assortment of black, white and yellow candy. This party is from 2012 so I like to think this was done during the brink of the candy bar era! I loved the paper fan name banner that hung in the background. The beehive cake pops were made by my sister and tasted delicious. 

3. The Lemonade Bar: I think it is always fun to serve coordinating drinks and food at your party. Lemonade was the perfect fit for us because it fit in with our color scheme. Guests were offered a mason glass with a tag for their name to keep with them during the party. The fruit was also a perfect garnish to the drinks. 

4. The High Chair & Hat! My mother custom made a high chair cover for me that would match the party theme. The cover slipped right over our original high chair and was adorable! She also made a matching bib for our daughter to wear. I made the high chair banner and together we made the adorable hat! 

5. GAMES! I am someone who loves to play games. All of my events have some sort of activity to partake in. For me, going to an event and just sitting around, waiting to eat, waiting for cake, waiting for presents… always leaves me wanting more. I try to provide an all inclusive experience for my guests that always leave them full of fun and memories! For our games my grandparents made me this fun bean bag tossing games that was great for the little ones. Best part, everyone wins a prize! My little guests always leave my parties with bags stuffed to the brim with prizes. We also did a "pin the bee" on the hive game, second photo. Finally, we put little bee stickers all over the yard and the kids went around collecting them for prizes. These games are easy prep but provide a lot of entertainment. 

A huge thank you to Mike Nelson for the photographs! All items are available for re-creation, rental or sale. Please contact me with any inquiries.